Thursday, January 13, 2011

Indypendent Reader

I've been remiss in not posting about Aimée's involvement in the semi-moribund but now revitalized Baltimore Indypendent Reader. This is taken from their site:
The Indypendent Reader is a progressive quarterly newspaper that aims to serve Baltimore’s more than 200 neighborhoods through research, communication, and organizing. We encourage people to “become the media” by providing democratic access to available technologies and information. We seek to bring to light Baltimore’s rich tradition of social and political activism.

The primary goal of the Indypendent Reader is not merely to produce a newspaper, but to start a collaborative project in which people dedicated to social justice in Baltimore can participate in the production of local media, tell their own stories and continue to organize forums, workshops, and other events. These events disseminate ideas, build solidarity, and help promote and increase the reach of the paper itself. The Indypendent Reader Editorial Collective is autonomous.
The website will cover ongoing social justice stories, with a responsiveness to current local politics, while the semi-annual print version is more, shall we say, essay-ish. Though still media, let's call it a form of working-class propaganda. Anyway, it's worth a look.

Also, check out Aimée's interesting interview with David Swanson, author of the book War is a Lie.

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