Tuesday, April 18, 2006


More or less, yesterday at the Soundgarden.

White Hipsterish Dude 1 is carrying some LPs, one of which can be seen to be the new Ghostface Killah record. White Hipsterish Dude 2 holds up a used (or, more likely, promotional) copy of the new Bubba Sparxxx cd.

WHD2, derisively: D'you see Pitchfork gave this thing like a 9? [Actually, a 7.7 - ed.]
WHD1: yeah... that sort of makes me want to hear it.
WHD2: ...you're not getting those...
WHD1: what do you mean? It's vinyl.
WHD2: yeah, but dude it's not like it's worth having Ghostface on vinyl, it's not like it'll sound that good or anything...
WHD1: But it's vinyl.
WHD2: Look, vinyl should only be for punk rock and like alt-country.
WHD1: But it's Ghostface.
WHD2: No, vinyl is only for punk and alt-country.

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