Friday, July 14, 2006

Purpose and Propulsion

For still more on David Thomas, here's a post about that last pre-return-of-Ubu solo record, Blame the Messenger, from the blog Overlooked Gems of My Lifetime (which, incidentally, is a great concept for a blog):
What I love about this album, following the sometimes sketchy early-80s releases by the band proper (eg, The Art of Walking) and the nutty, impressionistic batch of solo Thomas albums that led up to this one (Monster Walks the Winter Lake is a particular winner among this category), is its feeling of purpose and propulsion and the way it balances the competing, reckless impulses of early Pere Ubu the way no Ubu release had done since the release of their underrated (among Pere Ubu fans, that is, because anyone else doesn't care) New Picnic Time.

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