Saturday, February 17, 2007

Recent Political Reads

Edie at Annotated Life on the media. A sample:
While ostensibly wringing their hands at the sordid celebrity lifestyle, the article’s authors simultaneously capitalize upon it to sell the magazine on the lowest level possible, and completely omit the fact that the giant media empires—not Paris and Britney—are themselves most responsible for the quality of news coverage, Newsweek included. Instead, the authors insult and attack parents and their daughters for following popular fashion.
Lenin at Lenin's Tomb on Mike Davis' new book on the history of the "car bomb".

Amanda Marcotte at Pandagon with a feminist response to Children of Men (my review here).

Joe at American Leftist on the "wishful thinking" of left-leaning bloggers, who keep expecting Democratic politicians to be more leftwing than they really are (this post is where I found the link to Marcotte's review of Children of Men).

Gabriel Kolko at Asia Times Online on how Israel "cannot survive allied with the United States" and so it is time to make peace, and concessions, with its neighbors.

Glen Ford of the Black Agenda Report, on Barack Obama, who, like Colin Powell and Condoleeza Rice before him, as president would merely put a "black face on imperial aggression" (article first seen at CounterPunch).

Arthur Silber at Once Upon a Time. . . on the ongoing propaganda effort to prep us for an attack on Iran, in "Iran: All Propaganda, All the Time".


Edie said...

Thank you for the link. Your music posts are interesting to me; we are worlds apart in music but I have no idea how. I'm adding you to my links.

Richard said...

Hi Edie! Thanks!