Sunday, April 15, 2007

Paper Anniversary

One year ago today, right around now actually, Aimée and I were married. It's been a good year. We've learned a lot about ourselves and about each other, some of what it takes for two people to live together, committed to a life shared. Last year, I described Aimée as "a beautiful, wonderful woman: [...] fiercely intelligent, independent-minded, sexy, funny, sweet, and more than a little crazy." All true. I am fortunate just to know her, let alone find myself married to her.

It's chilly and rainy this Sunday here in Baltimore, whereas last year at this time it was an unseasonably warm, clear-skied Saturday. The rain has more or less kept us inside, which is nice. We've slept in lavishly and done a little calming yoga, later we'll eat dinner and watch Buffy before turning in. Next Friday we travel to California for our official anniversary gift to ourselves. But today, after several hectic weeks, quietness was just what we needed, and so we've marked the day itself just by being together.

Aimée, I am proud to know you and proud to call you my wife, my spouse, my partner in life, my love. Let's make the next year even better.

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