Sunday, August 12, 2007

Some links

It's already been eight days since my last post, and I have a vacation coming up, so there's a strong chance I won't be able to post again until another two weeks have gone by. In the meantime, here are some things to read.

At Insurgent American, be sure to check out parts four, five, and six of Stan Goff's excellent ongoing series, "Homeland Security: what we need to know that politicians and pundits will never say". Also, his lengthy piece about the death of Pat Tillman, and the ensuing political games, is well worth reading.

Lenin's Tomb on "Dropping the Big One" and the attempts at moral rehabilitation of the act, for the purposes of keeping "options" open.

In the Guardian, James Kelman on his writing life and the "vague assumption" that working class narratives "just come out" without the writer having to expend any effort (link via Jenny Davidson). "It jist comes oot, ah says, it's the natchril rithm o the workin klass, ah jist opens ma mooth and oot it comes."

At Babel's Dawn, Edmund Blair Bolles has a fascinating trio of posts (one, two, three) about Christine Kenneally's new book, The First Word: The Search for the Origins of Language. I'd seen a few references to Kenneally's book elsewhere, with nothing particularly firing my imagination, but these posts really make me want to read it.

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Thanks for the links! Have a great vacation.