Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Reader, we married.

I don't plan to spend much time discussing personal matters on this here blog, but today I make something of an exception. I got married on Saturday. It was a great day, a great weekend. The weather was spectacular; the wedding went off without any problems whatsoever. And I've never been happier. My wife (!), Aimée, looked stunning in her red dress and is anyway a beautiful, wonderful woman: she is fiercely intelligent, independent-minded, sexy, funny, sweet, and more than a little crazy. As was commented on more than once at the reception (e.g., by my best man in his toast), before we met it was feared that I was perhaps in danger of finally retreating into a hermetically sealed existence, surrounded on all sides by cds, books, and cats. Danger averted. More to the point, while I was relatively content to pursue my various interests more or less on my own, and with friends, I am much happier to pursue them more fruitfully alongside the woman I love. A woman who more or less shares, or rather complements, my own intellectual interests and pretensions, and challenges me in them, and is just a joy to be around. And who loves to dance.

Thank you, Aimée, for deciding to live your life with me.

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jwer said...

Ha! How did I miss this? Well, congratulations again, anyway. I stand by my initial semi-sober observations. Especially the ones that were proven right.