Thursday, June 08, 2006

John Crowley

I'm nearing the end of John Crowley's Little, Big, and I'm enjoying it immensely--it's utterly enchanting. There's so much going on in it that I know it'll be a novel that I return to. Alas, the copy I have was already pretty beaten up when I bought it, and its condition has not improved over the last several days. The good news, of course, is that this might give me an excuse to sign up to order the lavish 25th Anniversary edition that is being planned. As it is, I think I'll be giving the novel as a gift to at least one person on my list, and I'll be reading a lot more of Crowley in the future.

Via Mad Ink Beard I found this interesting interview with Crowley (which contains news that the fourth and last book in the Aegypt series will finally be published) and Crowley's own engaging livejournal.

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