Saturday, October 14, 2006

Stories That Don't Make Regular Sense

From Laird Hunt's excellent novel, Indiana, Indiana:
You didn't tell me about your finger yet.

Didn't I? said the saw player.

Noah shook his head.

The saw player took another drink then asked Noah what he'd heard about the Finger Lady and whether or not he had an opinion on her.

The what? said Noah.

Now don't you go on and tell me you never heard about the Finger Lady.

I never did, said Noah.

Well, now, that's a shame, that is indeed, and I reckon we'd better rectify it directly. You bring me on over one of your daddy's fine tomatoes and I'll see if I can't tell you the long of it good and short.

Noah brought over a tomato. The saw player lifted it up to his mouth and bit into it like it was an apple.

Then he told Noah about the Finger Lady.

My daddy would like that story, Noah said.

Is that a fact?

He likes stories that don't make regular sense.

Well then I reckon he likes most stories.

Noah thought about this then nodded.

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