Thursday, August 02, 2007

Not a Recipe for Universal Love

Not to worry, The Existence Machine has not died (thank God, right?). July was a very slow month. For a variety of reasons, time has been hard to come by. There are several things I’ve been thinking about, things that have been occupying my mind for some time, some of which I hope to write about here, when things loosen up a bit.

In the meantime, I urge you to go over to Insurgent American and take a look at Stan Goff’s excellent series on “Homeland Security: what we need to know that politicians and pundits will never say”. As of now, he’s posted three parts (one, two, three), and, as usual, he's well worth paying attention to. A teaser from the second part:
By dint of the United States’ size, its financial dominance, and its ability to project military might – especially nuclear weapons anywhere in the world – every other nation in the world finds itself obliged to relate its policies and strategies to the United States as a primary matter. This is not a recipe for universal love.
I haven't spent as much time poking through the site as I'd like, but I've always admired Goff's writing and clarity of vision, since first noticing his articles over at CounterPunch several years ago.

On a related note, at American Leftist Richard Estes has posted two very good posts (one, two) featuring "Random Observations on the Piercing of the Real Estate Bubble", and as with Goff's pieces, there are links aplenty.

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