Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Support ZNet

I've been reading Z Magazine since 1991, and it's been an invaluable resource for news and in depth commentary, as well as an inspiring model, both as sustained leftist media and in its non-hierarchical makeup and philosophy. In the last year, they have undertaken an ambitious new web expansion, which naturally took much longer than planned for, and wiped out their coffers. The upshot is that they need money, or else will be forced to drastically curtail their operations.

Please consider donating some cash, or, if possible, becoming, as I have been for years, a Z Sustainer (which entails a monthly donation, for any amount you can spare).

From their appeal, here:

You can, of course, make a one-time donation at any time and/or subscribe to Z Magazine or purchase Z Videos. That income is invaluable. But that alone cannot sustain our operation in the long-term. With a Sustainer pledge (on a sliding scale), you can sustain a valuable left institution indefinitely.

Our best estimate is that we have 500,000 recurring users. If just 1 out of 20 of these users were to become Sustainers, even at only $1 a month, our financial worries would be over.

So what prevents frequent users from becoming Sustainers? And why do we think that only 1 in 10 of our users will even read this appeal?

For some, it is financial constraints. But for most of those who have not yet become Z Sustainers, we think the problem is not a matter of finances, but of habit. People often feel that donated funds don't really matter, so why take time, even just a few minutes, to sign up? Indeed, why even read an appeal? That's just not the kind of thing I do. Well, old habits are made to be broken. And we can assure you that every last pledge will matter, a lot.

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